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A non-refundable holding fee of $300 TO  $500 + on pet kittens and a $1000+  for breeder/show kittens is required to hold the kitten/cat for a buyer. At this time, the kitten will be held for you and no one else can purchase said cat/kitten.


Good Bengals are not inexpensive, you generally get what you pay for! It is true, you can find Bengal kittens priced low elsewhere, but in most cases, these kittens/cats will not have the bright colours and vivid markings that is familiar to you on websites and in magazines. There is a lot of expense involved in raising quality kittens, more than most people realize.



 $3000CAD to $5500CAD

HST included 

For breeder prices please contact.


Our kittens will go to their forever homes with:

•- Personalized for each customer of updated pictures and videos sent weekly until ready to go.

•- Up-to-date exams, vaccinations + dewormed treated with advantage. We are a flea, tic and ear mite free home and cattery. Your kittens are guaranteed as well.

•- An international heath certificate 

•- 3 years health guarantee

•- 72hr Viral guarantee

•- Legal and binding contract

•- Kitten/cat registration slip from TICA (upon providing proof of spay/neuter) Name of your choice

•- 5 generation pedigree

•- FeLV/FIV Negative

•- Guaranteed good temperament

•- New toys

•- Crate (if being Shipped)

•- Fuzzy Blanket with mom's and Siblings sent to help comfort and transition into the new home

•- Guaranteed litter trained

•- Nails trimmed

•- All kittens will go home with a small bag of food. Rideau Lake Bengals and many other well educated breeders feed our Bengal's the most healthiest choice for this breed a raw based Grain free and gluten free (Hard food) By Natures Varity, quality Raw diet and a grain free and gluten free caned food.

•- Breeder relationship and offering valuable advise, answering questions and strong mentorship through your Bengal's life

•- HST is included in the Total Price.

We have many references to share with you if requested!

Our kittens are individually evaluated and priced accordingly. Those that meet the Bengal standard, have the best markings, pattern, coloration and conformation, will have a higher price point. Kittens go through many stages as they develop so we are continually re-evaluating them as they grow. We reserve the right to re-assess them as they develop and price accordingly. Once a deposit is placed on a kitten however, the price is locked in and will not increase at any given time


We Ship World Wide!

PAYMENT: We accept cash, email money transfers, credit card, western union.

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